Oct. 25, 2021

Scientific Proof Of After Life Spiritual Contact With Mark Anthony

"What happens when we die is the energy from our brain, our electromagnetic soul, leaves the body and it shifts from a finite perception and reverts to a purely infinite energetic state. --- Mark Anthony"

In this episode, our host AJ of @mysevenchakras and guest Mark Anthony, explore some amazing topics including life after death, why some people claim that they sense the departed, do parallel dimensions exist and many more!

Mark Anthony, JD, the Psychic Explorer (aka the Psychic Lawyer) is the author of The Afterlife Frequency, Never Letting Go, and Evidence of Eternity. He is an Oxford-educated attorney, world-renowned psychic, nationally recognized legal analyst, headline speaker at international conferences and universities, and favorite guest on TV and radio shows. He co-hosts The Psychic & The Doc on Transformation Network and is a regular columnist for Best Holistic Life magazine. Anthony divides his time between Florida and Southern California. 

To learn more about Mark Anthony visit www.AfterlifeFrequency.com

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