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Love the show!

I'm learning so much about people, Chakras and my inner energy. Please keep doing what you are doing and never stop. You are helping people :)

Totally inspirational, uplifting... And full surprises!

I have learned so much from this podcast. I really enjoy the up beat message that the host Aditya delivers every week, along the side of his guess that he interviews. The podcast is really high-quality and well organized. With a large archive of past episodes, I always have something to listen to that can open my mind or shift my attitude. The host is truly a joy to listen to. Not only does he encourages everybody to live to their full potential, Aditya has "take an action" by set up a Facebook support group to help people reach their goals. Aditya you are completely inspirational! Thank you! :)

Want to be encouraged?

Subscribe to my seven chakras. I found this webcast on a fluke. Aditya has a soothing, encouraging voice and his guest speakers are amazingly insightful. Subscribe- You won't be disappointed.

Love this show

Always interesting topics, great interview techniques, inspiring guests.


I thoroughly enjoy Aditya's style, professionalism and quality of his guests. Thanks for the very valuable and insightful podcasts!!!

Insightful, inspirational and eloquent

I love the My Seven Chakras podcast. It's encouraging and inspiring to hear each guests journey to enlightenment, including their highest and lowest points in life and how they overcame to do so much good in their communities. A.J. Is such an eloquent speaker and attentive listener. Beautiful job! I've been sharing with friends and will continue to do so!


I stumbled upon this podcast months ago while searching for information about chakras, and I’m so glad I did. What a treasure. Aditya is so inspiring and passionate. His guests have a wide breadth of experience and knowledge on esoteric topics. I’ve had the pleasure of integrating a number of these into my life, which has created a shift for the better. So grateful. Thank You!

Love the Podcasts

I just love these podcasts!! I've subscribed after a friend sent me the link to them and you should subscribe too!!

Love your podcast

Thank you for all your positive vibes in your podcast! I'm learning to meditate -- slowly!!

Awesome podcast

My Seven Chakras is an awesome podcast. Aditya always interviews interesting people who are all very inspiring. Thank you Aditya for bringing us this podcast!

My world has changed

This podcast is one of the greatest I discovered on iTunes. Since day one It has helped me change my life. My views and thinking have changed. I'm still at work with the chakras and have made some progress. Thank you A.J. for bringing guest from around the world who can help us with this journey.

Love holistic

If you love holistic health, then you'll love this podcast! I have learned so much from AJ as he continues to interview guest speakers from all over the world. I've also bought some of their books that they recommend. Thank you AJ for all that you do!!!

Spiritual healing

My Seven Chakras and Aditya are helping me transform into a better person and spirit. I am learning so much about myself while listening to these amazing people speak. I am forever grateful to have fallen upon this podcast a year ago :)

Inspiring knowledge

I started listening to this podcast about a month ago and since then it has taken me out of the slump I was in and gave me a reason to start living my true purpose. I'm still working on what exactly that purpose is and I will continue to listen to each and every interview to gain more perspective on alternative ways of living. Thank you for creating such an amazing learning source for people who don't want to follow the ways of everyone else 😁

Inspirational and Mind Enhancing

Inspirational speakers with messages that twist the mind from away the same old wheel mindset. A chance to wake up in a new reality -open for all desired beings. Host processes rare and admirable listening skills!

A must for any truth seekers or action takers

The host is charming and very informative. You can tell that a lot of thought, research and passion go into each and every episode.

listening makes my commute so enjoyable

Thank you for bringing this inspirational podcast station to the world Aditya! I greatly appreciate listening almost everyday on my work commute. I'm going to take action soon but deciding on the modality is the question - so much great inspriational info!

Action Takers Unite!

I enjoy the concept of this podcast. Using knowledge and experience based teachings to convey ancient and modern tools. The tools given to the audience of this podcast are so important especially in this day in age. Also, the host has a great way of conveying what the guests have to say! I love that Aditya does this for the greater good and unites us all as action takers. Whether you are into yoga, meditation, or just spirituality as a concept this podcast channel has so much to offer. Thank you for your open heart and devotion to your listeners. Peace☮️

The perfect way to fall asleep and/or wake up

I'm in love with this podcast. Not only is AJ an awesome host, he engages powerful personalities. He's a thorough interviewer and allows the guests to light up each episode. I don't know how I came upon this show but I thank God for it. If you're not listening, you're missing out on a great way to start or conclude your day. Thanks AJ, you're a saint.

Love this podcast!

Aditya asks all the right questions to keep his guests on point and with actions you can use right away.

Great source for inspiration and motivation

Aditya offers very valuable content through interviews with some amazing people. The positive energy is palpable and is very empowering!

Love My Seven Chakras

My mom shared this with me and now I can't wait to hear the latest episode. I got interested in Reiki by chance and was so happy to find so many episodes on chakras and energy healing. I've learned so much in such a short amount of time. Thanks AJ!

The real deal!!!

SO enjoy binging on My Seven Chakras! Your message and those of your guests are what I have been longing for as I've been on my own "spirit quest". I'm so blessed to have found M7C! Keep them coming - Thank you.

One of the best out there

I love your guests, topics, your energy and the way you always sum everything up that your guests say! Thank you for all you do AJ!

Lots to learn

After I listened to the lucid dreaming and meditation episodes, I've started looking through older episodes to see what else I can learn. This is a greatr resource for those who wwant to explore a wide variety of health and wellness methodologies.

The Further We Look Back the Further we see Ahead.

Aditya doesn't waste anytime. Every minute of the show delivers insight or some new facet on living and thinking.

Inspiring, energizing and so much more!

My go to podcast while driving to work! So resourceful, inspiring. Thank you for all the Long hours preparing those podcasts, well done and very interesting. I have learnt so much, discovered many new topics, practices and more that keeps me motivated on my path to becoming a better person. Thanks so much! Sonia😀

Uplifting and Informative

Keep up the good (and important) work, AJ!

Love the in depth interviews and topics

Aj Really does an amazing job interviewing some of the most profound experts. I enjoy every episode and learn so much. It has definatley changed my life


I do truly enjoy your topics and listening to your podcasts. My favorite episode so far is the Essential Oils episode. 😁