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This podcast has supremely transformed my life.

"My Seven Chakras" has had such a profound effect on my life. As I have been going through profound changes, this podcast has helped me holistically see every hard time as a meaningful and integral blessing. I look forward to each and every episode of this beautifully crafted podcast as it helps me to be more mindful and connected throughout my day. Thank you so much Aditya, your message is important in today's modern world.

A podcast that transcends the podcast realm

I've been listening to My Seven Chakras for almost a year now. It started with a late night browsing in a period where I wasn't happy in my work, and very anxious about not finding a place I felt like I belong. The commute was just enough time to fit in a whole podcast episode. Now a year later, I see this podcast and the presense Aditya provides as a huge role in getting a new job, finding my place, and living more holistically everyday. Today as I'm cleaning and repainting my grandparents basement, the Feng Shui episode was the perfect clarification that this podcast can truely be enfused into your life for the better! Can't imagine my digital space without this podcast, thank you for all your work!!

Life changing!

Best podcast! Been a loyal listener for a year and have learned so much! Great interview style and structure that allows the listener to grasp a wide array of knowledge and apply it to their daily lives. I have been introduced to amazing authors, spiritual teachers, energy healers, holistic workers, etc. through these interviews and has greatly added to my personal development and spirituality journey. So thank you AJ and keep up the amazing life changing work you are doing to elevate others to take action!!

Hello from my familiar and Me!

I am laying here with my little tiger - my familiar... and we are listening to your fabulous show. You bring much light into my life over the last few months. Please keep doing a great job. Inspiration!!! Action Tribe!!! Aditya Jai Kumar... Kumar... Kumarrr! (I love the intro audio!) :D

Absolutely Inspiring!

I barely started listening to podcasts. I look forward to every episode. Listening while I'm doing dishes, during downtime at work, driving to and from work, does not matter when! Totally grounds me. I've have quiet a few episodes that resonate with me. Goosebumps never fail to overcome my being. So I appreciate your podcast, immensely!!


With all that is going on in the world, this podcast is calming and motivating. The topics are informative and the guests are well-qualified and Aditya is a fantastic host. I especially appreciate the way he reflects on and clarifies each point the guests make. I love this podcast!

Very Inspiring & Authentic! Thanks so much!

After having an awakening I went on podcast, and searched on Ancient Wisdom and your series came up. Ive now heard 4 episodes and i love them and are implementing the tips & tricks in my everyday life! Thanks for doing this series - very very impactful & valuable! And very well facilitated πŸ‘


I have been listening to this podcast for almost a year and absolutely love it! Thanks AJ for you and your guests that help others on their own personal journey!


I've been listening to your podcasts for about a year now and I just adore them. I love the way you've set them up with the favourite quotes and books and asking how each guest starts their day... these insights give a personal touch into how we can all improve our lives on a daily basis. Thank you for bringing this to us all Aditya. I am on the path and enjoying every moment of my spiritual growth. ❀ Thank you. S

Gem podcast!

AJ, Thank you for all the time and effort you put into getting this podcast ready for us! I can't begin to tell you what a "FIND" this has been for me! From the podcast to your online webpage allowing me to go back and review the show notes if I was listening while driving. I can't express enough how import listening to My Seven Chakras is to me and what a benefit it is to my spiritual journey! Great guests, loaded with information that I can take and explore, like the book recommendations to what your guests morning rituals are. So many things I never knew till I listened. Thanks for your dedication and effort you put into each and every show. Brenda M


Really pleasant conversation. Thoughtful and inspirational.

Such a Welcomed Inspiration!!!

Uplifting, encouraging, informative and transformative. I am coming out of a long period of self destruction and have been hungry for support in developing an action plan of self care in order to transform into a lightening rod of love and divine energy. This podcast is one of the best tools at my disposal, and I recommend it to everyone!!!

Amazing show

I discovered this show abut a month ago and am totally hooked. Anyone interested in bettering oneself and one's life should make this show a priority. It has expanded my knowledge of many of my existing interests and has inspired new interests and passions as well. I can't recommend this show enough.

Daily Dose of Inspiration

I've never written a review before, but I just had to for this one as it's become such a part of my daily (goal) and weekly (when the goal gives way to reality) routine. Enlightening guests without barely a skip in the bunch! (And that's just personal preference, being less interested in particular modalities.) Thank you for the inspiration!

Join the action tribe!

I came across this podcast, as my friend, Dr. Chris Friesen was a guest. I immeadialty fell in love with the show. The episodes are to the point and very informative. I love how, this more than just a podcast, by listening, you're joining the "Action Tribe." It's a movement and the host, Aditya, really makes you feel like your part of something bigger.

Inspiring to say the least

I've been drawn to just about every topic that is discussed in these podcasts in some way or another, for many years. Listening to each of these episodes has opened my eyes to all the different ways that we can heal ourselves and each other, and it is not limited to one thing or another. I love this podcast. I tell all my friends about it, as well as the things I've learned, and I feel very uplifted and inspired by each one. Thank you for sharing with us, AJ! I hope you continue to reach many more ears, and together we all raise human consciousness from the looming darkness it's been in for centuries.

This Podcast is amazing!

AJ - thank you for all of your hard work and dedicating yourself so fully to this work. Both my wife and I love this podcast! Thank you for creating this! Just as they say …"the teacher comes along when the student is ready” - this came along at the perfect time for both of us and is opening our minds to to so many new people, techniques and concepts!

Can't believe I didn't find this sooner

This is truly a great podcast with a wealth of information presented in such an approachable and understandable manner. I appreciate the work and dedication Aditya puts into this. I also want to point out how attentive he is to the guests- I like the feeling that you genuinely care about your content. Makes it worth listening that much more. I find myself getting into phases of self doubt and inaction. Its too frequent and I want to do more with my life. This podcast helps my mind space immensely along with trying out the tips discussed in each show. All I have is praise for this show- Im happy to be new to the Action Tribe!

My Go To Podcast for my drive to work

Always interesting, always something new to discover. Love this podcast.

my absolute favorite

I can't say enough good things about this podcast. I've listened to almost all of the episodes, several of them twice. The guests are super knowledgeable and provide small actions for listeners to implement in their lives, in addition to great information about their areas of expertise. Aditya is awesome. He asks intelligent questions, summarizes what guests say impeccably, and consistently reaches out to the listening community. I have learned so much. I get comfort, inspiration, and hope from each episode. I have made some changes in my life, such as incoporating gratitude, daily meditation, a brief home yoga practice into my morning routine.

Lifestyle inspiration!

I started listening to this podcast about two months ago and I look forward to new guest speakers to inspire me to change my lifestyles.


This podcast has been a real bright spot for me this year, quite unexpectedly. The teachers highlighted come from a wide range of backgrounds, and chakras are just one of the many topics presented. Aditya's questions are fast moving and well-targeted, and even when the topic isn't one I think I'll be drawn to, I almost always come away inspired by the person's story and happier for having listened.

Business Owner

I absolutely love this podcast. AJ brings quality content, he really understands what his "tribe" is wanting to gain knowledge in. I check every day for a new podcast. Wish he could produce one every day. So relaxing and peaceful to listen to

#156 Self Discovery

There is so much wisdom captured in this episode. Roger is a master who has deep knowledge of being. AJ thank you for introducing me to such great mentors.

The world needs this!

The world needs positive perspectives and healthy options to counteracting the stresses and upsets of today. This podcast helps with this. So many interesting guest. AJ has a great way of bringing out the best in those he interviews. Great Job!

Awesome podcast it's my comfort zone to growth

Comfort zone and growth don't normally go together you either have one or the other but My Seven Chakras provides the path to allow you to grow within the comfort of others. AJ brings the best guest that speak directly to my needs and quest of life. I find my comfort zone as I journey to my best self with AJ. He's an awesome host and attentive to his guest and listeners. It doesn't get any better than that and I know he authentically wants us to be our best self. Tune in and I know you will keep coming for more like me!


I love this podcast. I listen religiously. Thank you, Aditya.


Wonderful! Every episode I learn something useful and beautiful. I love the way you sum up the wisdom your guests bring. This work is life changing!

Wonderful Creation

Thank you Aditya, I can only express gratitude for the time, energy, and resources that you have graciously poured into the wonderful creation that is, My Seven Chakras.

Simple, Elegant Wisdom

"The Story of your life is written by you"....Cynthia's return to Native values to establish leadership mores is brilliant. As always, AJ's interview structure brings forth the best discussion. I Plan to read and then share the book. Thank you.