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Amazing Amazing Amazing!!!

This show is on another level. Very informative, AJ; Aditya Jaykumar is a very well spoken show host and interviewer. With his thought provoking questions, he evokes exactly what is needed to be said and what is needed to be heard.


AJ has inspired me to become an action taker. Last year I started listening to this podcast on the commute to Work. I was depressed, feeling stuck and totally disenchanted with my job. Since then a lot has changed. I have cut back my hours at work, taken Reiki Level 1, registered for a 2k race this spring with my son, started to learn yoga and have become a certified Hypnotist. I am addicted to reading books recommended by guests on the podcast and can't seem to learn enough. I look forward to every episode. AJ has wonderful energy and a great interview style. I am so great-full for this podcast. Thanks AJ!

Don't miss any

Great questions ,expert guests I always learn something of value

Great Edu-tainment

AJ does has some truly top notch guests - full of life experience. And he is a great host - asking amazing questions and inspiring his 'action tribe' to take action. As a show guest I also found AJ to be an equally wonderful interviewer. Great topics that apply to our lives. Keep it up!

A change maker

This podcast is so inspirational and motivational. I am so grateful to my trainer Janet who told me about it and now I tell everyone I know about it. I can't wait to listen to all the guest speakers and I go away feeling strong and empowered. Thank you AJ for your good work. You are a change maker!! I follow your example.

One of my favorites!

My Seven Chakras is one of my go-to podcasts for inspiration and positive thinking. AJ is a terrific host who really engages with his guests in a friendly conversational way. Every episode unearths nuggets of applicable wisdom from fascinating people. Thank you AJ for making the world a more positive place. Keep up the great work!


I stumbled on your podcast about six months ago and i enjoy listening to your podcast. It is positive enlightening and my reading list is growing faster than I can read! I really enjoy the guests you have on your show I find each podcast encouraging Thank you for representing Canada in such a humble, positive light! Thank you for the positive energy you bring to the listeners!

Great Podcast!

Aditya does a great job interviewing his guests as he explores alternative healing in a very down to earth format. His podcasts are fun, informative and well structured with very interesting guests.

Best metaphysical podcast I've found

I listen to two episodes every day on my commute to and from school. Can't recommend this podcast highly enough!


Pretty good content most of the time. Always feel better after listening.

Great mood and soul booster!

I stumbled on this podcast last week and it's just what I've been searching for! I am so grateful for Aditya, he is super positive and has great guests on the show. I like how he recaps key points throughout the discussions. I was definitely a bit lost the past year or so and have been looking for things to listen to keep me motivated and grateful throughout the day, this podcast helps!

Podcast 162

Giovanni was awesome and gave some great advice on how to start meditating and outlined the benefits of it. He was very clear and encouraging. Thank you!

Love it!

I love this podcast! I discovered it a few months back and it has been a game changer. I listen to it pretty much every day when I’m walking or driving. I am so glad there are so many episodes so that I have a treasure chest to choose from. I’m almost through all of them and will sometimes listen to the same ones a few times. The format of this podcast has a consistent flow that my practical mind loves. Some episodes resonate with me more then others, but I learn something from each one. This podcast has been a great source of support for my beliefs in alternative medicine and energy. Aditya is a phenomenal host. I feel like I know him personally. He has created a feeling of community and a sense of belonging to something bigger that I am happy to be a part of. I appreciate that he treats all his guests with the utmost respect, is present with them and listens so well. He has a remarkable way with recapping what guests have said that adds a lot to the program. And I also love when he contributes his tibits of wisdom along the way👍🏻😀 Thanks Aditia for all the work and effort you put in to making these podcasts. They do make a difference in my life and I am grateful to you!💫 Much Love, P.A.

Inspiring and Informative

Thank you Aditya for what you're doing with this podcast. You never disappoint with your content or your guests. Today's episode with Marc Allen was just what I needed at just the right time. Just awesome.

Graet Show

Thank you for creating and keeping the show growing, making it better and better. I have learned tons from your advice and and great guests you invite on the show. Thanks again, your inspirational to me. Looking forward to hear more.

Can't wait for each new podcast!

I subscribed to this Podcast on a whim looking for new and refreshing ideas. And wanting to learn more about my chakras in general. I have to say- way to go me. I love every single episode. Some more than others. Every single airing is a thought provoking listen and the program brings out the best in its guests. I get excited when a new show has posted!

Daily Dose of Inspiration

For the last few months, I have been listening to your show every morning on my way to work. You and your guests remind me to focus on what is most important, engaging in my own healing work so that I can be of service to the highest good. Sometimes I scroll through and use my intuition to land on the right show. Most recently I was inspired by Energy Medicine Yoga with Lauren Walker. I have since purchased her book and Donna Eden's book Energy Medicine. I am looking forward to putting these energy healing techniques into practice! Thanks Aditya!

The power of a hairdresser

The amazing array of guests has led me to take my business in the beauty industry to a whole new level. During my day I talk about the array of knowledge one can gain and recommend my clients to listen to this podcast! I want all the people I connect with in my life to go on this amazing journey of self discovery. Truly blessing to have stumbled across the action tribe and all it stands for!

This podcast has changed my life and opened my mind

I love My Seven Chakras! I look forward to each new episode and listen faithfully while running or working out. I always learn something new and feel inspired and refreshed at the end of every episode. This podcast is an important element of my "self care" routine and I appreciate the time and preparation that AJ puts into each episode.


I am truly grateful for this podcast. I love the messages and knowledge I receive from listening. I appreciate the book recommendations and hearing the guests daily rituals in every episode.Awesome, positive, and insightful. Thank you for all the wisdom shared!

Medicine for the Mind

I am so thankful for My 7 Chakras- I've learned so many positive things about mindfulness, self-love and forgiveness, the power of visualization and more. I find listening to this podcasts on my morning commute or at the end of the day to unwind to be so energizing since it's filled with hope. Also, Aditya I love the way you ask concise questions, give a summary after each response and are so clear and organized! My brain really loves it!

Very informative, love this podcast!

I really enjoy listening to this podcast. I am new to this subject and am trying to learn as much as possible. I have learned so much from this podcast and love all the different knowledgeable guests.

An Awesome Show!!

I have been listening to Aditya from the first episode were he promised to provide new and exciting interviews with different specialist in the fields on healing and spirituality every week. And Aditya has delivered on that promise. I have learned many things that have helped me and my family! Thank you so much!

Life Changing

I love this podcast more than any other! Truly has changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. Listen, listen, and listen everyday.

I love this podcast!

I really enjoy the variety of topics covered in this podcast. A. J. Is a great interviewer with a wide range of questions. These podcasts are informative and motivating. I'd totally recommend listening to them.

Beautiful World

These podcasts are so beautiful. At some point during each episode I cry. I cry because of the beauty. I cry because I can feel the love. Hearing these beautiful people speak from their heart is a breath of the freshest air. I am so happy and grateful that this podcast was shown to me and I will share it with others as well. Thank you AJ and all those that make My Seven Chakras possible.

Inspiring, Informative, & tons of Positive Energy!

I just love how each podcast brings new insights, inspiration, helpful tips, and a community of knowledge you have a hard time finding elsewhere. After listening I always feel so energized and leave with a wealth of knowledge. Thank you AJ for all you do to help us action takers in our day to day.

Inspiring and motivational

I came across your podcast by chance and thought I would give it a try. I never thought I would get so inspired and motivated from the interviews and content of your shows! I have a job where I am very lucky to be able to listen to podcasts all day long, so I went back and started listening from the begining of your podcast journey. I highly reccomend this show to everyone! From those just looking for some motivation and inspiration, those just starting their spiritual journey, to those who have years of practice and experience and just want to learn and grow from like minded individuals. Keep up the good work! :) It's great that you are able and willing to share all this information with us!

Love this podcast!

This podcast is truly special. It offers insight along with ways to guide you to find your purpose in life or to lift your spirits or to simply educate you and open your mind to new, or different ways of thinking and viewing the world. The array of speakers and topics is wonderful. Aditya is a wonderful host and you can hear the enthusiasm in his voice. Thank you for this podcast!

I love this podcast!

Inspiring series!! Aditya, you feel like a true friend. Keep bringing the light. ☮️💟🕉