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This is my favorite show on iYunes. I like its duration, and the topics are engaging and insightful. The questions to the guests are thoughtful and provocative. Keep up the GREAT work!


I'm not sure there is a podcast out there that has this much work put in to each episode both before and after. The show notes are such a nice follow up when you want more info. This podcast is working really nicely alongside my therapy. Really glad I found it. Some really interesting topics and I have learned so much already. Such a wonderful break from someone suggestion yet another pill to cure ailments. Thank you!


Awesome insights in each interview. Really progressive ideas and Adiyta has a great interview style. Keep doing what you do! So good!! Much appreciated.

Informational and supportive

This is just what I've been searching for... just in the right time! I love the format and the inspiring, supportive content of each episode. Thank you for your dedication to sharing such wonderful work!

Beautiful inspiration

This podcast is so amazing in so many ways, I've learned so much and I have gotten so much out of this podcast, between validation and knowledge, uplifting inspirational quotes, this podcast has it all, it will inspire you and feed you soul its truly amazing. I believe I was guided to listen to this to help me, so Thank you so much for all of these tool you are a fantastic pure inspiration inspiration.

Seven Chakras is literally a manifestation at its finest !

I've learned so much from the podcasts. Thank You for Quality Content and Wonderful Amazing Guests 😍👏🙏👼 The information these podcasts provide is beyond useful, insightful and inspirational! Thank You 🙏


Listen to this podcast if you want to hear interviews with incredible guests that will keep you inspired on your spiritual path. Thank you Aditya!

Great episode on Ayurveda!

I absolutely LOVED the latest episode with Sahara Rose on Ayurveda-- So eye-opening! Thank you for bringing incredible guests, Aditya!

Wonderful Podcast

Hi Aditya, I love to hear every podcast on My Seven Chakras starting from the inspirational quote to each and every section where Aditya explains in detail repeating the details which helps us absorb the material more thoroughly. Thanks Aditya for introducing these amazing people in our lives, and learn so much from their hardship and success stories. We are so bkessed to hear this podcast. I love and take note of the wisdom round, which really has motivated me to get into meditation. Keep up the great work Aditya!

Helpful and Concise

I've listened to a handful of these podcasts (about 10 already) - I like them because there are various topics and you can pick and choose which ones you may be interested in based on the title and what will be addressed. I really like "My Seven Chakras" host because he follows the same format to his shows despite the topic. After a bit of them I could anticipate the question he would ask his guest and it's nice to compare different answers or feedback based on the same question. It's fun to also get to know his guests and him on a more personable approach then a typical interview. Plus the follow up notes are awesome!

Briliant pod cast

This is my first review for any app or pod cast ever, I must say that this podcast is so well thought and put together, I have been listening to My seven chakras for over a year now. I love the way the interviews are structured and love all topic that has been broadcasted. This podcast is great for all spiritual seekers. Thank you Ajay, god bless. Mahaganesh

Feel inspired . Connect with yourself . Become who you want to be .

This review is long overdue. I first connected with Aditya's voice and energy 1.5 years ago which I believe was God sent! It was right at the beginning of my self-healing journey from many years of self-abuse. Aditya and his amazing choices of guests have taught me many lessons and have helped me connect with my higher self. My self-healing journey has lead me to becoming a holistic nutritionist and I'm excited to start my new career to help others connect with their higher self. Thank you Aditya for being part of my journey.

A subject close to my heart

I've had many experiences with meditation. Tho it has been a long time since I've sat down and meditated. I've had past life experiences.. I've felt my crown open .. I've traveled to meet with my higher self. Very hard to find anyone to talk to that would understand any of this subject, so I appreciate this podcast very much. Excellent topics , great knowledgeable guest. Thank you for your podcasts. Nancy R Aka / Aurora ( a name my sister gave me )

I'm blessed to have found you

Hi! I have been following you show for a couple of months and want to congratulate you. The show is interesting, engaging and you bring people together from all Paths from life, which makes very rich content and powerful ideas. I try to implement tips and tricks from the commentators all the time. Thanks! Luz @reikist2go

Such a little jewel

The information on this pod cast is so nicely curated.

Enlightening & Inspirational

AJ does an amazing job with this podcast by bringing on guests that are experts in their field, by asking the right questions and by always adding his own take on the topic. AJ reaping listens to his guests and does a great job of reiterating their responses back to us , making sure that his audience understands. I appreciate that so much. This podcast came to me just as I am coming I to a time in my life where I feel there is more to this life and there is a potential in me that I have not been able to bring about. I love that he covers such a wide range of metaphysical topics. AJ , this is an amazing show. Thank you for your inspirational words! Please continue to do what you do ! :)-Alicia

AJ Seems to Know Me- & What I Am Thinking

AJ, I have been following you since the 52nd episode, I have faithfully listened since. But I was waiting for the right moment to write a review. You are a genuine gem and someone I am so thankful for. Your path has greatly impacted my path. Every episode speaks to me- some in obvious ways- and some episodes help me understand life in a way that fills me with wonder. I choose to write a review now because I was just in a traumatic event and guess what your latest episode was about? Trauma. This is not the first time your episodes have paralleled my life. Also, I find it hilarious that you often ask the questions I am thinking. Please keep going and do this work forever because you are changing lives!


Very grateful for your gratitude meditation!!

Thanful for Your Podcast

AJ, thank you so much for all you do to provide such lifechanging information! I have learned so much from listening to your podcasts. Thank you for being true to this deep calling on your life.

The best!

This podcast has sincerely changed my life. I look forward to the new episodes every week and I am so beyond inspired by the wonderful guests! Thank you Aditya for all that you do. You are truly a remarkable person and healer. Sincerely, Hannah G


I've been listening to these podcasts for about six months now, and I couldn't be more hooked! If you're looking for a dose of mindfulness and good energy, then this is the podcast for you. I have found a lot of personal joy and inspiration for AJ and his guests, and I look forward to being continually inspired in the future.


Great podcast. Tune in ALL the time.

A wonderful podcast

This is a wonderful podcast, with so much useful information, and positive energy. So good, thanks Aditya, and keep up the great work.

Thank you AJ!

I began my spiritual awakening recently. Your podcast was the best decision I could have made! I crave listening to you and your amazing guests! Thank you so much for making your dream a reality!

Great podcast

I really enjoy this podcast. He provides a lot of good info. And I have learned so much about the metaphysical. Thank you!

Thank you

My life became so much more rich thanks to this fantastic knowledge shared in all these podcasts. Thank you!!!!

Great guests and topics

I really enjoy listening to this podcast, I have found books and people that I wouldn't have found otherwise. Really appreciate that! And I love how you also refer to the listeners as "action tribe"!

Withholding all else,

and there's much that is good here, It is worth listening to this podcast just to learn how to listen to people. Aditya is a skilled interviewer. Namaskar, Action Tribe, and have a sparkling day.

Truly Amazing!!!

OMG! Where do I start?!? All I can say is that this podcast is incredibly amazing! So glad I found it!

The only podcast you need on holistic health and the spiritual journey!

AJ of MySevenChakras is making an enormous contribution to the world with this podcast. His contemporary approach to ancient themes along with his explorations of recent advances in a broad range of topics in alternative medicine and spirituality stands out among an emerging current of holistic related podcasts. The interview format and approach is fresh and engaging. The prolific selection of topics ensures long listening hours for anyone interested in the transpersonal arts and natural health. If you had to choose only one podcasts in these topics, this is the one you need.