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It amazes me how one teacher/guide leads you to another. I started listening after youtube’ing one of my favorite guides, then once I kept listening, I fall in love over and over again. There were things about myself that I felt and it also made me feel like I was crazy to think these things. Then after listening to guests share those same feelings, I am starting to feel more and more connected and home. I love how AJ actually seems interested in the content whereas some hosts just seem to be going through the questions just to have a guest on a show. This one, this podcast though, just seems to be well intended, inviting, and here for an actual purpose...LOVE IT

Awesome podcast!

Helps you to learn how to be a better you!


Love this show. Amazing interviews and AJ is so great!!!!! 🙏🏼♥️

Great podcast!

Great podcast with top notch interviews of experts. AJ is a super host and asks the questions you want answered. Anyone interested in energy medicine and related topics, this is the podcast for you! Thank you AJ!


Fantastic show! AJ does a great job with the interviews. He gleans the most pertinent information from his incredibly learned subjects. #mysevenchakras#actiontribe

Amazing podcast!

This podcast is one of my absolute favorites. The depth and range of topics that are covered is fantastic and AJ is so articulate and succinct in his explanations and summaries! He's such an open minded and positive individual which truly shines through in every episode of the podcast. I look forward to every new episode that comes out and I've even downloaded the reading list AJ has put together- it's also wonderful! A must listen for anyone interested in expanding their consciousness!

Grateful for this show

I have listened to all of the podcast episodes, and I can say that it has changed my life. AJ is a great interviewer and he has amazing guests in the show. This podcast has helped catapult me into pursuing different avenues into my spirituality. I have been introduced to so many amazing healers because of listening to the show. Thank you AJ for all you do and for helping people like me find our path. Many blessings to you!

Such a gift!

Thank you, Aditya for doing this work! Your interviews are so wonderful and thoughtful. Each podcast is rich and full of ideas and inspiration. I look forward to it every day- and my reading list is getting so long! I’m proud to be an action taker! 💫 Heidi

My Morning Self Care Routine!

Love Aditya's voice and interview style--guests are wonderful and interesting and the structure of the interview flows perfectly. Love the resources, quotes, and tidbits at the end of each interview, especially!

Love! Love! Love!

Aj’s podcast really speaks to me. I love that he practices active listening with his guests and sums up what they said so you can really understand the topic from different angles. I just found the podcast and I can’t wait to listen to all the past and new episodes.


I recently found this podcast on Spotify at work when I was searching for holistic health information... Ive had an awakening and realized what I was missing from my life was a mind body spirit unity... this podcast is so inspirational and I am hooked! I listen daily and it’s actually motivated me to start a meditation practice and daily yoga... I’ve never been able to stick to a routine but thanks to My Seven Chakras pod cast I get daily motivation and learn so many new things including keys to Ayurvedic health and holistic practices... I thank the universe daily for AJ and his beautiful insights and guests! Blessings and light!

You got to be ready to receive

Like anything in life there are gonna be things in this series that won’t sit well with you. However, if you approach these episodes with an open mind AJ and his guest will take you through the looking glass of the world within. I’ve found value in topics that I wasn’t even interested in. The consistent theme between each episode is the hosts systematic approach and never ending optimism. Thank you for dropping “golden nuggets” on your journey.

Great podcast about energy healing!

I love the format of the show and enjoy the dialogue about daily routines and books that inspire. AJ is a great host. Every time I listen to a topic he covers, I learn some new perspectives! I love learning, but this just makes me feel like I am overhearing a really interesting conversation at a coffee shop. So fun to get a glimpse of a healer’s life. Thank you!

I love your podcast, A.J.

Thank you so much for the effort and time you put into developing and presenting this podcast. I know it is no little feat. I stumbled across MySevenChakras back in the summer and was delighted with the way the podcast is presented. It is truly wonderful to be referred to as part of the tribe and I do like the way you recap what the presenters are saying. That is a highlight. Your presenters have been very interesting and I have learned from each and every podcast. I am so glad that I have had the opportunity to connect with you. Keep up the good work and know that we all know that it is time consuming and labor intensive. Thanks you, A. J.

Love this podcast!

So grateful for this podcast. Aditya is an awesome host, full of positivity and an open heart and mind. The wide ranging topics are rooted in ancient energetic wisdom with everyday applications. Thank you for empowering us with tools and wisdom to not only change our lives, but the lives of others.

Inspiring, educational and refreshing!

AJ is wondering in bringing together leaders and wisdom thinkers and sharing their stories in this Podscast. I started listening this summer (2017) and I was hooked from the first show I heard. Listening and being part of the Action Tribe (Facebook) has brought me back to the community I had daily while studying to be a Yoga Teacher is 2014. While I was aware and encouraged the Chakras in my daily life, the guests and their teachings have taken my education to the next level. AJ's interview style is perfect. While engaging his guest, he also brings back their main contact for the audience. This is the perfect podcast for everyone wanting to be part of the community, to those who wish to learn about the Chakras (no matter where you start from) to individuals just beginning their spiritual journey. Bravo!!

Thank you!

This is a resource I used to relight my spiritual candle! Great guests, enlightening questions and valuable knowledge about our energy in our body.

Gateway to natural healing paths

I’ve listened to this podcast from the beginning. After a while, the subjects tend to become similar, but it is a good intro to natural healing paths. Thank you for consistently bringing new material and voices to the conversation.

Heal yourself

I’ve been learning about chakra energy healing and have been so thkful to find this podcast. Thk u AJ for the bounty of knowledge. If u r new to energy healing chk out episode 130, its a good one!

Yes to everything about this podcast

It's incredible how every episode manages to hit home. I'm so grateful I came across this podcast. I tune in every week!


I've been a fan of My Seven Chakras for the past few years and have recently become a member of the Action Tribe. I consider myself a student of all things spiritual and have been introduced to so many wonderful new ideas and practices on the podcast and now through the fellowship of the Tribe. Thank you AJ for giving me this extraordinary gift of spiritual growth. Love & Light - Nancy Rae

Very inspirational

Love this podcast. Such an interesting variety of guests with helpful information to be your best self.

Cool Beans

Great listening!

One of the most impactful podcasts that I currently listen too!

I’ve been listening to podcasts for some time now and often come across content that resonates with me. My Seven Chakras is definitely one of the most impactful and important podcasts of all those to which I currently engage. Aditya does an amazing job in getting the best insights and perspectives out of his guests creating infinite offerings for listeners. I don’t believe in luck and believe that this podcast is meant to be a catalyst for me to expand to the next best version of self. I’m probably about 20 episodes in and I feel the impact already being experienced. Encourage all to engage with and share the My Seven Chakras podcast. Thank you Aditya for your incredible efforts and valuable offerings . . . my chakras thank you too!

Best description of the Third Eye I've ever heard.

I've been a fan of AJ's for a while now, but today's interview just went over the top. Zarathustra's description of the pineal gland (aka the third eye) was fascinating and really helped me understand better what it is and how I can use it. Thank you for all of your hard work, AJ!

Magic in Podcast Form

This podcast is a culmination of many of my interests. The guests featured all contribute information that is inspiring, vital and mind expanding. It reminds me of the power we all have inside of us. I love the way AJ recaps the key points a guest has covered to reiterate the important messages each guest brings to each episode. His listening and interviewing skills are great!

Quality conversations

I love this podcast ! AJ is such a heart centred authentic and talented host who’s insightful questions bring about meaningful, quality conversations that everyone could benefit from. I am so thankful I stumbled upon his podcast and this community of like minded people who speak my language. Please do keep sharing and shine on. Much love 💕Jessica


Very inspiring... the guest are always touching some point I want to grow in or I may have had no idea about. The question asked to them are great

Qigong... oh yes!

I'm a licensed massage therapist in MD and am working on balancing my chakras. I found your podcast and am so grateful. I studied Qigong in massage school..yay! Swedish Institute and took a continued education seminar for three days on QiGong! Thank you for going into depth about it and it's benefits! It's so enlightening to be able to learn new info... albeit...for free and use for myself, family/friends and ultimately my clients. I'm sharing this podcast with two of my coworkers at the spa already...! Thank you again!!🙏🏿👏🏿😃

I just love love love it.

I have listened to every episode. This show have helped me with pursuit of life sciences.