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I love these!

I love this podcast! About a year ago I started going through a true spiritual awakening (although I’ve always known something was different about me and always had spiritual curiosity) and I’ve been feeling lost and the healing is so painful. These really help Me 1. Not feel alone and 2. I learn so much! Keep it up, AJ. You rock!

Episode 304

I’ve been a listener for a while now but episode 304 really helped me gain the clarity I’ve been looking for. Thank you for all that you do AJ! You are awesome! Hopefully I’ll be able to join the chakra sprint soon.

Fantastic and educational!

I am so blessed to have come across AJ’s podcast. I am learning and growing so much. These podcasts bring about a level of understanding that I’ve desperately needed in my life. Thank you so much AJ for the time and thought you put into these episodes. I also had the wonderful opportunity to speak personally with AJ through Skype after taking a chakra test and discuss with him my current issues and next steps along my healing path. Can’t wait to sign up for the chakra sprint program! Namaste 🙏🏻

So insightful!!

I discover this podcast a few months ago. To me it has been like a ver special and wonderful discovery! I learn a lot in every episode! Love it!

A different type of guided meditation..

What a valuable library of holistic wellness content!

I am grateful to you!

We are so lucky to have you


Every episode I have listened to so far has helped me tremendously. Not only is each episode full of information and inspiration, but AJ and everyone featured on the podcasts make listening fun and easy to listen to. I listen to an episode every morning and it really helps set my day up for success, a drive to love and be the best I can be. This podcast has changed my life and I am so grateful to have stumbled upon it!

One of the best podcasts on this topic!

I love this podcast, everything I learn I am able to pass on to others. I have grown with the show in just a short time of 4 months. I love the podcasts host, he is so calming and he is such a kind spirit. I love the guests that come on. I learn so much about my own abilities as a psychic medium and more! Highly recommend! Join the action tribe!

I feel like I hit the Podcast Lottery!

This Podcast is the reason why I decided to give podcasts another go! Seven Shakras captivated me unlike any other podcast and have enjoyed listening to each episode I’ve had the opportunity to listen to. I always feel recharged after listening to an episode because of how inspiring and interesting the content is. I have even applied many of the practices and techniques into my daily rituals and have noticed such a positive transformation in my life! I would like to thank this podcast for making my commute to work much more enjoyable (which is almost impossible to do, if you have to drive in New Jersey) Needless to say, if this podcast can make you enjoy sitting rush hour traffic, it’s definitely worth a listen! You will not be disappointed :).

Love this podcast!

I have listened to about five episodes today while driving cross country. Everyone of them touched me in some way. Mark Gober especially answered questions I have had for a long time about our consciousness. AJ, you keep referring to Joseph Campbell, and his statement that life is not about a purpose but the experience of life. When I heard that several years ago it changed how I look at life entirely. I love your approach to interviewing guests and the meaningful questions you ask of them. Thank you for this podcast!

My Seven Chakras is a Treasure!

My Seven Chakras is a treasure! Awhile back I was searching for information about the chakras and found AJ’s podcast. It was exactly what I had been hoping to discover and so much more! So many interesting guests and topics of interest - spirituality, wellness, healing, and much more! The guests AJ chooses each have an amazing amount of knowledge, insight & wisdom to share on their unique individual subjects & their life’s work. AJ has created an incredible resource for those who want to “dive deep” into these topic. If your looking for a podcast that brings you the best of information outside the realm of the “ordinary” you will find it at My Seven Chakras. I look forward to my time listening everyday, and am so grateful to AJ for his work in creating it and also bringing together the community called “Action Tribe” who are appreciative listeners supporting each other on our journeys!

My Favorite Podcast

I love this podcast! AJ is an awesome host and has so many interesting guests covering many interesting topics. I love that I can search for an episode on a specific topic, like Qigong, and find one or more episodes discussing it. Of course I am going to listen to every episode, in time.

Love -love -love this podcast

I have listened to most of all the podcasts of my seven chakras and it is very enlightening!! I would highly recommend!!! Also so many book referrals which I think is awesome !! When I listen to the podcast it helps me become a better person !

Amazing work.

The My Seven Chakras podcast is the definitive resource on spirituality and energy work. Well done. 🌈☕️✔️

Beautiful & informative podcast

Listening to these podcasts on a daily basis has helped me be align with my consciousness & I would recommend anyone who wants to dive deeper about health, wellness and spirituality deeper to listen & subscribe to Aditya’s podcast 🙏🏾😇🌎

Heaps of inspiration

I’ve been listening to this podcast for about 8 months and it’s become a new favorite. AJ has interviewed some really amazing and inspiring spiritual leaders, such as Pema Chodron, Daniel Mita, and Nayaswami Asha. I’ve also been led to some incredible books that have helped me reach a new level of personal growth. Listening to this podcast provides the right dose of spiritual fodder whenever I need it. Thanks AJ! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Love it! Great show

Love it! Great show

Exactly what I need to hear

I stumbled upon this podcast looking for information about yoga, and found so much more. Aditya’s style makes new topics and information very accessible. I love hearing new book recommendation, positive quotes, and the wealth of information that each new guest brings. I always seem to listen to a specific episode at the perfect time in my life. The advice is practical, and the community encourages you to take action! Thank you Aditya!

My life saver

I found this podcast when I needed it most. I desperately needed positivity, direction, affirmation, and guidance. I longed to make “a jump” in life and the topics discussed here opened my mind, broadened my understanding and reminded me of things I once knew. From methods of healing to practical health, this show will inspire you to be a more authentic, thriving person. Each guest genuinely wants what’s best for you and offers expertise in their field, encouraging you to try again, or for the first time. AJ cares about his listeners and wants them to pursue their fullest life. I simply can’t thank you enough, AJ - well done!


Need more of this! Love it and recommend to everyone!

Daily inspiration

I listen to my seven chakras every day on my way to work. It has changed my perspective on life and I know see the power of my own ability to manifest what I want in life. Thank you AJ!

Always something new to learn!

Great guests and wonderful questions to tease out the best of the guests knowledge. Episode notes are also really helpful. Thank you.

Inspirational! Must listen!

Great podcast with a mix of experts ranging from psychic mediums, energy healers, fitness experts to nutritionists. There's something for everyone! I learn something new from each interviewee even when I think the topic would not interest me. AJ does an excellent job with his guests. I look forward to listening to each podcast. Enlightening and inspirational!

I’m really grateful to have found this podcast.

I have been listening this podcast for the last few months and it had helped me to grow on my spiritual path in so many ways, Thank you for keep doing it and letting us know about ourselves.

Inspiration x1000000

This podcast is so inspiring and uplifting, I can not recommend it enough. I love to start my day listening to this podcast, it motivates me and really keeps me grounded :)

Consistently Great Content

I am happy to leave a review for one of my favorite podcasts. My life has shifted so beautifully as I’ve listened and applied suggestions mentioned here.

Golden nuggets found here!

Aditya brings golden nuggets of Wisdom from many disciplines from all over the world. I listen during my commute to work and it’s a great way to start the day inspired. I LOVE his book recommendations. I can’t say enough about how Aditya and his guests have made me a happier person by understanding energy and it’s relationship me. Action tribe!

Very informative!

I listened to your interview with Dr. Group on the colon cleanse and it helped me understand so much of what I have been reading over the past few months on how our colons work! Also love how you guide us through summaries of what he said if he explained a lot of information very fast. Thank you I am now looking into his products to help me with some health issues.

Loving it!

Always has the best topics with the best guests.

This show is so inspirational!

Thank you Aditya for the variety of experts and great interviews on many wellness topics. I’ve definitely been inspired and motivated to do the best I can everyday because of the many things I’ve learned while listening to this podcast💕