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I am all about this podcast

Inspired by this, such a great contribution to iTunes.


This podcast is an awesome tool to gain an understanding into the chakras and find more positive energy in your life. The episodes are so inspiring and motivational!

I’m not alone

Love this amazing new show, talks about all the important things that matter most to me, ENERGY, spirituality and ancient wisdom we all need to heed. Love this and honored to leave the 11th 5 star review :)


I love learning about alternative practices so I’m excited about you bringing together experts and thought leaders in this area to be able to learn more. I think metaphysics, ancient wisdom and science is FASCINATING and inspiring for sure! Well done! I look forward to more interviews.

Perfect timing!

Wonderful show! Definitely deserving of five stars! This comes at a perfect time for me as I am expanding my knowledge beyond nutrition and alternative medicine. Love learning about energy and chakras and seeing this whole connection to the body. Well done! Excited for more!

Fun show!

Insightful podcast on alternative healing - interesting ideas!

Chakras for everyone

Aditya does a great job of providing insightful information with a good blend of alternative and practical medicine.

Personal development at it's finest!

This is one inspirational podcast! I highly recommend this! Aditya, I want your awesome kale smoothie recipe!

Good angle

I like the mix of Attraction with Chakra's. Looking forward to learning more about Chakra's from real world application.

Inspirational Sunshine!

This is a great podcast for those new to the concept as well as those well versed in Chakras, energy centers and their relvance in your life. Looking forwrd to more!

Interesting perspectives on better living

My daily dose of inspiration! I love the real-life stories and interesting variety of guests.

Clear 'em out n' line 'em up!

There is a very nice blending of Eastern "alternative" medicine and Western practicality here. Aditya does a nice job of demystifying the chakra concept, and giving practical tips along the way

First review and happy to do it!

The meridians in the body, as well as the energy that the Chakras hold are the most powerful way to see how we really show up in our lives! Hoping that this show reaches exactly who it is supposed to and from the intention that I felt, I believe it will :)

Love philosophy

Awesome insights on spirituality and thought provoking topics. Can’t wait to dive in deeper!