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It’s encouraging

Aditya does a great job with this podcast. Although chakras and metaphysics are not a belief system I adhere to, I still find some value in this show. The point is to live an inspiring life, to learn about yourself with the purpose of encouraging, uplifting and empowering others in life. Keep up the great work here.

What a nice combo!

I love the combination of topics here - a nice blend of spirituality and science with practical advice we can all use. Excellent guests too! Keep it up - I can’t wait for more.

Let this be one of your seven podcasts!

Ok. You can listen to more than seven podcasts. :) but this one will help with your spiritual fullfillment. With focus on the seven Chakras and how they are important in our lives. Inspirational quotes and stories. We can all benefit from Gandhi's words. "Be the change you want to see in the world"

Just Listening is Healing!

Wonderful to listen to, great information, very inspirational to live a healthy and balanced life!

Take care of yourself!

This podcast reminds me to take better care of myself and gives a method that doesn't commonly get attention. I learned a lot and am ready to apply it.

Just what I was looking for!!

I just recently started exploring chakra healing & just happened to find your podcast. LOVED your intro episode, the life experiences you shared & cannot wait to dive into your complete series. Thank you for your creative vision & for sharing it!

Inspirational Show!

If you are interested in raising your level of counsciouness and learning about spirituality from people who have been there and done all then this is the show to listen to. You will be relaxed, rejuvenated refreshed and insspired after learning from the featured guests hosted by amazing Aditya. My Seven Chakra is what I ws looking for to raie my awareness.

Very Educational

I've alays been interested in Chakras Healing so this great for people like me who want to learn me. It is very educational and uplifting.

Alternative healing at its finest

Whether you are a beginner or experienced with the healing of Chakras, this show will add an imense fountain of knowledge to everything you know.

Very Unique and Inspirational

This is a very nice way of reflecting. This type of show brings out the positivity and opens you to inner healing and peace.

Mind, Body, Spirit!

I really love the way Aditya is able to blend all the right elements to make a powerful podcast!

From the world of alternative healing….

I just listened to Episode #9 with Paula Vail, the host of the award-wining Voice America world track internet radio show—"For the Love of Reiki.” I’ve been a staunch believer in alternative healing modalities for 40 years, so this show hits my sweet spot and more. I wish you continued success, Aditya! Bravo!

Relevant - Practical - Rich

We all need inspiring stories, fresh ideas, relevant information, and steps to action. Way to take action and make this show happen! Joel and Dr Pei Husband and wife hosts of ReLaunch

Get Your Dose Of My Seven...

Aditya covers his topic like a real pro. He brings it all together.

Must Listen

We have achieved much in modern medicine but there are still many needs that are unmet. Many of those are addressed here.


Loving this show. I’m all about creating health naturally and I’m hooked already.

Professionally produced - Interesting topics

Aditya has captured an interesting area and has provided much to think about. The interviews are interesting and topics allows my to think about the philosphies. Keep moving forward.

Very Informational

This is definitely a great thing to learn about. I haven’t looked at it in some of these examples but I think they can definitely help me in life.

Inspired to be a better me

Truly inspiring show, Aditya and his guest really dive deep into strengthening your inner man. With a positive self image and reducing negative behavior and beliefs. Interesting show, looking forward to more.

Eye Opening!

Aditya brings something that is so hard to find in todays society and makes it accessible. Very insightful and interesting! Also love the logo :)

Excellent primer on a profound subject

I've learned so much from Aditya's podcast. This is not an area I am familiar with so the way he explains concepts provides a practical and helpful primer on the subject. Great podcast.

Interesting subject!

Very interesting concept and show. Aditya does a great job explaining Chakras and has insightful guests!


We need more of these shows! Thank for you spreading the word about energy healing to let others know that there are alternative ways to heal. I am right there with you!

A strong start!

AJ is off to a great start with a high quality and informative podcast!

Great find

This is a very professional produced. Aditya features inspiring guests and the production quality of the show is phenomenal.


Wow - This podcast has opened me up to a new world of alternative healing and stories of how they have overcome thoses challenges. I look forward to hearing more.

Aditya is a wonderful teacher!

For a person not well informed of alternative healing, Aditya has done a fabulous job in explaining it! I love the format of the show and how well Aditya is versed in his subject matter. This show is very interesting and inspiring. I love real life stories. I'm really enjoying this podcast. Well done Aditya!

Wisdom, Guidance and Inspiration

What a great show! We are so much more than we know. Thank you for helping make that connection! Very well done Aditya!

Thank you, Aditya!

This show is in perfect alignment with my world! I love hearing from such amazing thought-leaders and healers. Please keep ‘em coming!

Help with Spirituality

Much needed and a must listen if your trying to grow spiritually.