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Listened to healing power of words

Enjoyed an interview with Arnaud Saint-Paul, about the power of words, reminding that in Genesis it states, the world was created 'through the word'. That words are actually a positive vibration that effects things around it.

Very Interesting Tips and Guest Stories

If you have any interest at all in alternative healing, spirituality and metaphysics, this show is for you. Very interesting tips and guest stories to absorb and think about.

Thirst for knowledge

This show is so interesting. I knew nothing about chakras before and am now beginning to awaken my consciousness. Amazing show!

Mindfulness and intentional

I appreciate your inspirational content, so helpful and practical.

Good show and host

AJ is great behind the microphone. He takes the time to explain why he's passionate about teaching eastern medicine and taking care of oneself. I just started listening, but have learned quite a bit this early into it. Check it out!

Just fabulous

I've only started learning about chakras in the last year or so after taking up meditation to quiet my mind and get back my intuition. The episodes have been great. I especially like the Akashic records one as it's a brand new concept for me.

Positive and spiritual

I’m not huge on spirituality but Aditya does a great job in keeping me interested! Great guests provide excellent tips on alternative ways to stay relaxed and healthy!

Great Show

Interesting topic! Looking forward to hearing more

Positive Healing

Unique and fresh take on energy, life, spirituality and more. Going in I didn’t know what to think, but I am so glad I got the opportunity to listen in.

Interesting Stuff. Very informative

Interesting stuff with great interviews. Thank you for sharing your passion with the world. Keep it up!


Awareness, learning, compassion, mindfulness, presence….all so great, wonderful show! I recommend this for anyone who is searching for positives alternatives to healing the mind, body, and spirit.

Great Podcast

Such an awesome podcast. Would highly recommend this.

Stay Connected

A great podcast to keep you connected to source! Love how smoothly it flows. A must for everybody.

Fantastic Intro For Me

This show is a great intro for me into the world of alternative healing. Great dose of inspiration.


Can't wait to listen each week to gain wisdom for alternative healing practices from gurus in this field.

Enlightening Listeners!

As someone ignorant in the role of Chakras, I was amazed and enlightened with the information Aditya brings to his podcast. I look forward to hearing more of the challenges and practices his guests go through to improve the balance and quality of their lives. Highly recommend!

Great info!

I am really excited to listen to things about ancient wisdom and spirituality. I have been studying and teaching Qigong, various types of meditation and Yoga. Great stuff here. Looking forward to hear more!

Powerful - Really Powerful

I love this show and the messages it presents. So good, so enlightening and so timely!

Way to go!

YES!! As a yoga studio owner, I love that you’re spreading this information to the public in this way.

Interesting and thought-provoking

Lots of interesting information here. Looking forward to more episodes!


I love anything positive. This show is all about positivity and education. You will only take away goodness from it.


A well thought out, intelligent, educational podcast that really shows what we do as energy healers. As an energy healer, it is sometimes easy to be depicted in an ‘airy fairy’ way, and therefore not taken seriously. This podcast smashes those stereotypes and focuses on what we really do. Thank you so much.

Advice From Amazing Spiritual Teachers

I just listened to Episode 14 and I love how AJ is able to pull so many great pearls of wisdom from his guest using his insightful questions. I also love that he stops to highlight something powerful the guest just shared in case we missed it. Looking forward to hearing from more wonderful spiritual teachers.


AJ is one of in my opinion one of the most inspired and inspiring young speakers in recent years , thank you AJ for all of these thought provoking programs that keep bringing me back to being more in line with a higher purpose life style . Brandon Chesler

Its Awesome !

I never knew that intuition is something that can be developed! Can’t wait to begin my journey!


Great show! There's a lot to learn from this show. I always enjoy learning new ways of improving my life! congratulations on launching your show!

Great Show very thoughtful!

Thanks for the perspective and information. I really enjoyed learning about different ways of approaching healing. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Wonderful Podcast on Alternative Health

Aditya brings on great guests to talk about alternative health practices that we can all apply into our lives. His topics are insightful and he gets a ton of value out of his guests.


Very inspiring show. AJ brings the concept of chakra into the 21st century.

What a great and energetic podcast!

I like the way the podcast opens and really primes the listener to open up and be ready to let their lives be changed with all the awesome info from many different experts. The guests are great and really bring a lot to each show!