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Love it!

Love this podcast!

Very informative

I love the questions asked in this podcast. Aditya is very good at digging out the nuggets of wisdom from his guest needed to impact the listeners. I had no idea what chakras were, but at the end of the show I felt like a expert!

Wonderful insights!

Consciousness living redefined! What a fresh perspective this podcast offers with insights from mindfulness practitioners and spiritual leaders. Keep the episodes coming!

Great insights to have heather and happier life

I am learning so much from this podcast thanks!!


I really love this program, it's inspiring and interesting. Learnt a lot from it! Thanks Aditya!


The life story of Aditya was very interesting. I'm very excited to have a place to listen to informative information about chakras and yoga. I look forward to learning more.

For your body and for your spirit

Want to be healthy because I want to be around when my kids have their kids, I want to run and jump with my grandkids, I want to enjoy life thirty years from now. This podcast opens my eyes to new ideas, that can help me to take care about my family and myself. Keep up the good work!

Ancient Wisdom UNLEASHED!

AMAZING show! I’m learning a ton!

Great Inspirational Podcast

Unique content and very inspirational! I like how the episode begins with an audio clip from what we're about to hear--it's a nice little sneak peak! Keep up the good work!


If you aren't familiar with this practice, you will be able to understand its background. Whether you are a believer or not, you will gain an appreciation for who does utilize this in their life.

This opens your eyes

I was a big believer in only western medicine until a tragic accident. Healing can come from many places and I found great healing in some of the things here. Great podcast!!

Life Changing Teachings

My 7 Chakras helped me understand my spirituality and how to be more at peace in the world. I really enjoy the interviews and I always come away with amazing insights into what's going on in my life. Thank you!


I appreciate synchronicity and this show has fallen directly in my path. ✨ I am open to all I may learn!

I will keep listening

A great podcast which is positive and uplifting. Always interested in this subject. The host is very good and has interesting guests

Great Content

I love the intensity of this show and the incredible content that backs it all. Great accent! The host makes this show so real and really brings out some incredible concepts. Thanks for the content and keep killing it!

Great work!

Love what you're doing!

Very inspiring

Love this podcast! Aditya is a true professional, and this show is a refreshing addition to the podcasting world. Such a great topic, and some VERY interesting guests as well!

We can heal the world

If everyone would listen to and practice the advice in your show, we could literally heal the world. Keep up the positive work for our world.


Inspiring and informative. The vibrations of words define reality - love this! Looking forward to diving deeper into this podcast.

You learn something new every day.

Wow! These ideas are totally new to me, but I am fascinated. Keep bringing it AJ!

Great Show!

The audio quality is superb and the subject matter is amazing. If you are into alternative health then you'll love the show.


So inspirational and empowering.

Inspiring and Though Provoking

Facinating show with a unique concept. The host is a fantastic guide, posing thoughtful questions to each guest and ofering inspiring insights.

Spiritual Enlightenment!

I really enjoy listening to Aditya's show. It's well moderated and Aditya provides great insight and commentary to further drive home the message from each guest. His inspirational quotes are also fabulous! I've been getting in touch with this type of spirituality lately and it's really made a difference in my life and this podcast definately helps!

Great Job

Thanks a lot for all the great info AJ. You're doing a great job! Keep it up.

Great Energy

My Seven Chakras is an insightful podcast on energy, spirituality, and mental healing. It’s a great to learn a new perspective on my own energy.

Very Cool!

I appreciate your insight and approach to explaining a subject I’ve always been curious about, but often found daunting and hard to understand. Keep them coming!!!!

Opening Body Wisdom

I love how Aditya starts with an inspirational quote from the guests. You get an instant view into their world by the quotes chosen. It also puts you into a great space for their wisdom. A great show to listen to and be inspired by. Hope to listen to many more upcoming episodes! -Wyatt, Creative Habits Podcast

Nice spin on spirituality for seekers of truth.

Aditya brings great guests in the spirituality world to my ears. I don’t have to go searching for something to read, I just put on the headphones and dial in. Lots of inspirational sunshine in each episode. I really like the stories from the guests.

A whole new world to learn about

Aditya’s podcast is so interesting! I had no idea about chakras and the effect they can have on your well being. His story is so interesting and I’ve enjoyed learning the various techniques of his guests as well. I’ve just dived in but look forward to learning more. Great job!