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Very Intersesting

Good show with a very interesting and creative mix of topics and guests b

Deepen your knowledge

This podcast helps me to deepen my knowledge and I"m so happy to have found it!

Great Show!

I meditate through my chakras every day! I love the concept :)

Interesting topic

Most people don’t know about the Chakras and how they affect our mood, energy, and all that we are… interesting show!

Great podcast!

Great podcast! I can wait to hear more!

Great info and host

In my experience, the host can make or break a podcast no matter how influential the guests. Well, not only does this podcast have great guests, Aditya shines as the host! His warmth as a host comes through as he asks interesting and thoughtful questions of his informative guests.

Great Spiritual Podcast

My Seven Chakras is a great podcast for those seeking to broaden their spiritual understanding and knowledge as well as for those who simply want to learn about different beliefs. Many different guest with unique perspectives.

Great structure, keep going

While I am not exactly the target audience for this show I wanted to stop by and give my congratulations to Aditya. The show is well structured and the sections flow well into each other. The host has a talent for keeping things on track and the information is valuable. I'm excited to see where this goes.

Great Show!

I’m no expert when it comes to most of the alternative health topics covered in this show, but I love learning more about them and I can’t wait to try them as well!

Love the enthusiasm

Host, Aditya’s enthusiasm with his guests makes for an entertaining and thought provoking listen. He engages well with his guests and they bring excellent information to the listener.

Awesome Podcast!

This show has really inspired me, and changed the way I look at the world around me. The info on this show really inspires me. Keep up the great work!!

Great Show!

Great show and resource! Keep it up!

Brilliant and Uplifting

Wow, wow, wow. I absolutely love this podcast. You are a great host and I love your guests. Every podcast episode is as uplifting as the other. My seven chakras is now part of my daily routine.

Focused message for the intuitive mind

As an Aikido Sensei, I just found a great resource to tell my students. The format is focused lending this listener perfect tips - Yes water is flexible and when the mind follows that path success is inevitable!

Love the style and content

I just came across this podcast and it is wonderful. It is a great format and like the wide range of experts and teachers being interviewed. There were many pearls of wisdom from the episodes I’ve listened to. Very clear, helpful, and enjoyable.

Fascinating Topic

This show provided insights on exactly the areas of my life I’d like to improve this year! I can’t wait to listen in and get advice from the different guests you bring on this show! Thanks for your hard work!

My 7 Stars

OK, how about 5 then? Aditya's podcast will provide a much needed respite against all the forces that challenge us day in and day out. Who doesn't need to be more calm, more grounded, more present in their day-to-day life? I know that this is a message that bears repeating. Be sure to mix up your weekly podcast consumption that shows like this that feed your soul.

Love listening!

Aditya's voice is so relaxing to listen to. He has a lot of great insights.

Awesome Stuff!

Great discussions on smoothies, Juices and other healthy drinks. Perfect place to learn balancing mental and physical well being.

Expanding awareness and practical wisdom

More than just inspirational (and it IS very inspirational). I love the depth of the the conversations, really exploring the guests background and the wisdom and experience they have to aid the spiritual explorer.

Great philosophy!

Way to go AJ! Can't wait to see what else you do!

Explore Your Spirituality

If you’re looking to expand your mind and explore your spirituality, this podcast is for you. Aditya brings in great guests who take these concepts and show how they can be applied in modern days. I really enjoy the way this podcast has me thinking in a new way and finding myself much more in the current moment. Enjoy!

Ready to get enlightened

This is awesome show. I love the content, use the ancient known tips and techniques to invigorate your daily life and achieve the success you desire. Keep rocking!

I’ve been looking for a spirituality podcast in a long time

AJ , you are an amazing show host and I learned for a heck of a lot . I am a subscriber and binge listener . Thanks for the show . you are a rockstar!!


I appreciate how this podcast gave me great advice in alternative health. I found myself more at peace after listening.

Love learning about this!

Very interesting information and really enjoying learning about the chakras!

Take your life to the next level!

Great podcast with life changing information!

Elevate Your Consciousness

Incredibly diverse show with intriguing and knowledgeable guests. All themed towards living a better life, cultivating happiness and improving your overall wellbeing. Highly recommend!

I look forward to every episode!

I learn something new every time. I'm so appreciative of what Aditya brings to the table! I've been with the podcast from the beginning and have seen such growth from then to now. Keep doing what you're doing, Aditya!!

Open your mind!

Very interesting and informative. You will learn lots especially if this is not something you are not familiar with.