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Fulfills My Spiritual Quandaries

Many brilliant and inspiring guests on the show! I've learned so much. It has definitely given me useful tips and tools to get even more in touch with my spiritual side. There are podcasts for all of your spiritual needs. Keep it up, AJ!

Conversations that expand consciousness

AJ has done a fantastic job in bringing interesting thoughts, ideas, and viewpoints to the world. If you are exploring your own potential for life, these conversations are inspiring and can help you expand your understanding.

So good.

Honestly, I just don't know what to say about this show. It's incredibly powerful. There are so many episodes that pour value out and Aditya is a fantastic interviewer. Love this.

Balance Your Chakra's with AJ!

Our Chakra's are our energy channels! If there is any imbalance in this system it IS showing up in your life and your business. There is no doubt. If you notice any area of life or business is STUCK - start learning with AJ! Start learning no matter what.


I am excited to listen to more of them!


This was an excellent podcast! Greatly appreciate the handwork and time that goes into making this available for us! Keep up the great work!

A+ Podcast

I love this podcast. I love everything related about healing and this podcast rocks. Keep up the great work Aditya.

LOVE this podcast

This is one of the greatest podcasts on chakras that I’ve ever listened to. Love AJ and all of his guests!!!

So much to learn! :D

I love this show! I love the diversity of topics and even though I don’t practice every method, I find there are a relevant takeaways in every episode that I can apply to my own life. Well done!

Favorite Podcast

I absolutely love hearing from the wellness professionals that Aditya has on the show. Their testimonies and advice on how to improve your own wellness inspires me day after day, and helps keep me focused on seeking the next stepping stone to reach my life purpose. Thank you for such an amazing podcast!

It is engaging!!!

Love the insights and style. Great show! Must listen to podcast. Keep it up!

Lots of Helpful Info!

The show is chocker-block with tips and ways to live a more wholistic life. There’s something for everyone here to absorb.

Great show!

I love the topics you share! Thank you!

Music Therapy - THANK YOU!!

Love the podcast! The episode on music therapy rocked my world! I’m so jazzed about the potential it offers. thank you for sharing such powerful insights, thought and such wonderful energy! I sure appreciate it!

Very Unique Topics!

Really enjoying this podcast! It covers very thought provoking topics with great guests!

Moment changing!!!

Thanks to My Seven Chakras I have completely transformed every moment of each day in my life. It is so exciting to start each new podcast and learn something valuable and exciting all at the same time. Thank you so much Aitya for such an amazing podcast and opening up my world to things I know I would have never been able to experience or understand otherwise! I am truely forever grateful! 😊

Great podcast!

Thank you Aditya for this insightful podcast. I listen to you while out walking the dog. Many times I wish I could jot down this tidbits of wisdom that you provide on the show. I enjoy your format, the questions you ask your guests, etc. Keep it up!

Thought provoking

As a podcaster who likes to dive deeply into topics like gratitude and paying it forward, I often ponder on various ideas of spirituality. This show is very interesting and thought provoking and I look forward to diving into it deeper. Great job Aditya! - Dr. Tom

Awesome !!!!

Aditya is a wonderful host that is full of so much insight!! Great resource for spiritual people

Favourite podcast!!

I am truly grateful for AJ's podcasts and look forward to listening to each one. He introduces very interesting, intelligent guests to share knowledge, wisdom and experiences on an array of wellness topics. One of the main pieces I take away from each one, and AJ does an excellent job in highlighting, is the importance of mindfulness and the breath. Thank you and keep up the awesome work!

Inspiration galore!

I was introduced to eastern meditation in 2010 when I attended Vippassana meditation course for a first time. Since the show's been out there already, one can use this as a good daily inspiration and catch up :)

Aditya's voice warms my soul!

Such a refreshing show with a wonderful host who cares about his listeners because of his great topics and amazing guests. Episode 42 with Robert Kopecky is a must-listen!

All 7 Chakras and more!

Great interviews and new age thought, presented in a professional way. Aditya has a pleasant manner and deep knowledge of the subjects he discusses. He is a joy to listen to!

Fascinating stuff!

I am just getting into learning about these kinds of things, I am glad to have found this resource. Sounds great too.

Such an inspiring show!

I listened to the episode regarding creativity and it inspired me so much I wrote a song! As a spiritual yoga drummer, this show really helps me form better intentions during class. -Nick Johnson

I love AJ

I'm a former Christian now simply refer to myself as a Jesus follower. Leaving the church has given me the freedom to explore chakra from a mystic friend and now AJ. This is a great place to learn.

Amazing Content

I feel like I'm learning something every time AJ and his guest speak. Great show keep it up

Thank you

Really enjoy the show and very helpful!

A Great Show, Seriously

This show combines all of the things you could want in a podcast. A great subject, knowledgable guests, good audio quality, good conversation... try it, you won't be sorry.

Healing a "different" way

More often than not we believe that there is only one way to get better. This show is a testatment to how many alternatives exists. Aditya a does a great job at unearthing some of these age old practices. I love the diversity of the guests and the perspective they bring which is very fresh and unique.