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Great podcast!

I love this show! It's come at a great time in my life. I highly recommend it!

Love the diverse topics!

Very inspirational and interesting! I hear about so many different ways people can serve/heal. This is amazing to know we really are all one. Trying to find our purpose! It all goes back to love. Thanks for the inspiration and amazing work!


I'm a person who would normally reject the idea of palmistry as a legitimate practice. After listening to the interview with the Vedic practioner of palmistry, I gained respect and a fascination for the subject. Also, AJ communicates passion, confidence, and intelligence in his voice. I highly recommend this show to open your to new worlds and possibilities.

Pumped about medical astrology!

I've been seeking out energy healing information and this was amazing!!! Searching for a medical astrologist!!! Check this out OC Mom Tribe!

A Learning Experience

I'm working on expanding my knowledge in this area. This podcast has me thinking. Found it very interesting.

Truly Helpful Yoga Podcast

I love this podcast! The material is very helpful for anyone on the Yoga path. I'm truly appreciative for all your hard work! Thanks! Mark

So Inspiring!

I listened to episode 142! How inspiring. My husband and I have been into in the Law of Attraction for years now and this interview with host Aditya was so great! He asked many relevant questions to his guest, Sue. And she was very well versed and her insights were well thought out. I enjoyed this show very much!

Interesting show with good info

Great show & love where you are taking it. Keep up the great work!


I love this podcast soooo much! I get so much great advice, perspective, and clarity. It is very positive and enlightening. It's a perfect mix of helpfulness and spirituality guidance.

Nuggets of knowledge

Every episode teaches me something new. The host is very intuitive to the needs of his listeners. I can't go a week without listening!!!

Always Learning

it's almost too much good information that i don't have time to absorb it all

Episode 129

Hi Aditya, first off you have an awesome show and you're such a warm positive host. During episode 129 Marianne Williamson seemed a bit rude to you in her tone. I have one of her books I purchased years ago. Not sure if she was having a bad day but boy that lady sounded so condescending to you. She did not seem like she has any love in her to be writing about it. Keep up the good work!!!

Excellent way to stay connected

This podcast is very special - AJ has a great interview style and cadence with the experts they find -ranging from the known to the very special new healers on the scene. Every podcast brings a fresh insight - with the consistencies you need to stay focused on your own positive change (a morning ritual, meditation, positivity). Keep it coming, AJ!

Inspiring and engaging

I love this podcast for its inspiring and engaging content on spirituality and higher consciousness. I highly recommend it!

A quality podcast!

Aditya asks awesome questions and you can tell he's really passionate about what he does. I've learned so many cool things and have only listened to a few episodes. I love how refreshing and positive all the guests are!


Aditya always has interesting and inspiring guests with helpful info.

Game Changer!

I am hardly one to write a review about anything but I felt the need to express my sincere gratitude to Aditya for this seriously remarkable source of information and inspiration. I'm a huge fan of the interview format of the show, the amazing guests, the knowledge we get to receive and of course the always spirited host himself. Thank you kindly for bringing this much needed wisdom and light to your listeners! ✨💕🌞

Finding your inner peace

I love listening to AJ! My Seven Chakras has been so inspirational and helpful as I begin my journey to self-healing and finding inner peace. I have begun daily mediation which has been helpful and the podcasts have excellent topics. I highly recommend!

Thank you!

I am so glad I found you, Aditya!

Very interesting to me

I'm a life long learner and always open to new ways of healing. I'm really liking what I'm hearing so far.

Focus on yourself by listening to this great show!

Aditya has great knowledge that he brings to this fabulous podcast. I enjoy his thoughts, his guests, and everything I have learned from his podcast. He has excellent interviewing skills and I look forward to listening to each new episode.

Loving it so far!

I just started listening but I'm loving the content and audio quality so far. It's always hard to listen to a poorly produced podcast and this isn't one of them!

I like it :)

Very insightful and thought provoking show. This information is extremely helpful, so keep them coming!

Great Content

Really glad I found this podcast. Wide range of interesting guests and quality production. Enjoy!

This podcast rocks!

Aditya is really knowledgeable and I love that this podcast talks about spirituality and alternative medicine. This podcast can also be an incredible tool for personal growth. Great job!

Wisconsin Healer

I love thinking about energy and this has helped me find greater balance in my life! Thank you!

Awesome Podcast!

I LOVE this podcast. Great guests. High energy enthusiasm, and I always learn something new. Very entertaining. I usually listen in bed before I fall asleep, on my iPhone with my headphones. I love ending my day with such a positive message.

Thank you

Inspiring and motivating

Always inspiring!

I love the way AJ interviews people, and the guests are refreshing, inspiring, and motivating. (I love podcast #88!) I always come away with ideas for inspired action I can take in my life after listening.

Well on your way to 1 million listeners!

Throughout the week I look forward to listening to interviews on my way to work! Hearing various quotes helps plant the seed for positivity and focus throughout the day. I've shared the podcast with friends, co-workers, and family and they too find it helpful. Thanks to Aj and his guests I developed a morning routine, meditate more consistently, and signed up for an introductory chakra course in my community. I'm looking forward to where this spiritual journey takes me!