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Life Changing

Aditya is one of the most incredible facilitators of personal growth. Every single episode is loving and thoughtful, and he interviews the best of the best. I find myself buying books and looking for the transcript of nearly every episode I have listened to. I have arrived at this particular podcast after many years of introspective journey and a great amount of meditation practice. This podcast is great for those who have traveled far and all beginners. Inclusive, deep, meaningful, with humility and grace.

The best podcast I’ve ever heard

This was the best podcast I’ve ever heard. The host and the guest both spoke about things that I have personal experience with and I agree 100% with them. I also learned a lot while listening. Thank you! Karlos

Best Podcast

This is such an inspiring podcast. I listen to this every night. I have learned so much on my spiritual journey. This is helping me mend my health issues. Thank you for putting your heart and soul into this podcast.The world can hear and learn about so many wonderful ways of living life. Many Blessings 🙏Joanne Oconnor


The amount of inspiration, knowledge and happiness I’ve gained from your podcasts and guests is infinite. Thank you, Ajay!

I love this podcast!

AJ this podcast is so inspiring. I’m a beginner in my spiritual journey and each episode leaves me more and more excited to grow and get to know my higher self. Each guest has such an incredible story and message to share. There is no other podcast quite like this one.

Love this podcast

I’m new to spirituality and I found Aj’s podcast to be very engaging and informative. There is nothing like this that I’ve been able to find and I’m so happy that I discovered it. I listen every day and find that there is much invaluable wisdom to take from every episode

Variety of Enlightenments

I absolutely appreciate and look forward to hearing these particular podcasts. The amount of information that’s provided along with the awesome interviews are definitely enlightening. Every single episode I’ve listened to, has blessed me! Love love love

A friend in your ear - what the world needs xo

Thank you for the episode, “This is why you must believe in yourself”. Beautiful, it felt like a giant warm hug through the airwaves.

Thank you AJ!

I really enjoy your podcasts, especially when you interview people who are experienced in intuition, OBE’s, angels, astral travel/remote viewing, dimensions, and overall ways to continue elevating collective consciousness. We are living in amazing times! Thank you for your work in continuing to bring enlightenment! You do great things in this world!

Great Podcast

Listened to the most recent podcast tantric dating and I loved it. Aj is a great host and asks great questions

Life changing.

A.J. , I would simply want to say thank you. I found you a couple of days ago. I haven’t been able to stop listening to you since. I appreciate all that you do for the universe & all the love that you carry within you. The few podcasts I’ve listened to have intrigued me in a way where I’m not only telling people, sharing the podcast but also applying what I’ve learned already to my life. My soul will forever thank you . May God be with you , may the universe continue to guide you & most importantly, keep shining your light.

Take Your Spiritual Higher Self to a New Level!

This is an excellent podcast for those looking to tap into their higher spiritual self or take themselves to the next level! Very inspirational and uplifting. You will love this podcast!

Thanks AJ!

This show always opens my eyes to new experiences that can add meaning and depth to all areas of my life.

Wonderful show!

The host is great. Definitely knows what he's doing. Invites the right guests and asks the right questions. I love this show!

Life changing

I am beyond grateful and appreciate of AJ’s work and his dedication to amazing subjects. This podcast has changed my life. I have learned so much about the chakras, breath-work, holistic healing, yoga and meditation. AJ always knows to ask the right questions and provides a great selection of guests and discussion points. It has helped me to change my outlook in life and I am on my way to my ideal scene, abundance and bliss.

My go-to when I feel unwell

I started listening to this show when I was diagnosed with depression (again) and felt completely hopeless and stuck. Although I do not consider myself healed, I feel hope when I listen AJ and his guests. I even started a "healing journal" to write down all of these ideas so I can remember to explore each one of them further and work to incorporate new habits into my life. When my apathy is so all-consuming that I feel I can do nothing to help myself, I can practice some simple self care and listen to a podcast. Thank you AJ. You've brought a breath of fresh air into my life.


I am so glad I chose this podcast about chakras over all of the others that I had perused. I went back to the very first podcast to hear what it was all about and to understand the purpose and format. Wow! Thank you, AJ, for developing an exceptionally well produced and well being-focused podcast. It is apparent that you truly care about the overall health of your listeners and that you want to provide an amazing variety of topics to facilitate our growth.

So many interesting guests

I regularly tune in to hear AJ interview fascinating guests about all things spiritual. AJ finds many unique guests with interesting backgrounds and upbringings. I have put into practice many of the suggestions made by his guests and my life has changed. AJ is a sincere, humble person who is smart and acts from his heart.

Great podcast

I just stumbled across this podcast when I was searching for something to listen to based on the chakras, this podcast has that and so much more. I love how AJ interviews so many different people who help us to see and learn about self love and so many different subjects regarding self peace and love. Keep the podcasts coming!

New to the Show

Thank you AJ. This is a great show. Very informative and full of great content and interesting subjects to improve your life. Looking forward to hearing all the shows over the next few weeks.

Thank you.

AJ, thank you for sharing this podcast with us. The ideas you tie together, along with your mode of straightforward and empathetic expression, helps me feel seen in a way my life was missing. I feel like I finally have some true soul guidance to help me understand what I need in my healing journey, and how to go get it. Gratitude and love to you, friend.

So grateful I found you

AJ, I can feel your beautiful soul by just listening to you. What a blessing for humanity you are. Thank you for all the content you’re gifting to the world! Keep it up...people are listening! I am forever grateful for you, my friend.

Inspirational podcast!

I love listening to the My Seven Chakras podcast. Informative & inspirational, AJ has fantastic guests & a great interviewing style. A must for anyone looking for tools & techniques for living their best life.

Breathe :)

This podcast makes you feel like you've just had a smoothie for your spirit! AJ has created such an incredible resource for all things mental health and wellness, with Ayurvedic insight at the heart. Grateful for this space!

My daily bread!

I love every offering that this show gives. Whether you're just arriving at self healing or you're a veteran, you're sure to gain loads of information and tools to live as a spirit in a human body on this planet. I love it, can't get enough. I'm starting to work on my breathwork practice and super glad I have this podcast as a tool to add to my practice. Thank you AJ and all your lovely guests!

Divine Appointment

I found AJ on a podcast this passed weekend. I had been asking, how I could go about learning more about my path when I stumbled across one of his podcasts. After listening for a few minutes I KNEW I was supposed to find him. I have been listening every day since and can’t get enough. He makes things so simply for me to understand and accept. I grew up a fundamentalist Christian and I could not stand the fear that came along with it no knew there must be more so I started out on a journey of discovery. Thankfully I was guided to AJ and the “My Seven Chakras” group. I only wish I could process faster so I could listen more. I am learning and having amazing revelations each time. Thank you so much AJ for your service. It has definitely helped me in ways I didn’t even realize I needed. Namaste 🙏 Rebekah


First some background....I used to think yoga and meditation were.....(euh that wouldn’t be nice to say), so let’s just say I was not a fan! That was BEFORE I heard one of AJ’s podcast. He is such a wonderful speaker, makes us feel at home right away and explains everything so simply that he challenged me to try some breathing exercises. Now AJ is part of my daily life!!! (He has no idea ) Thank you so much for forcing me to discover ....myself.

Incredible podcast!

AJ’s podcast is so incredible and I have learned so much from each and every episode. All of his topics are incredibly insightful and offer guidance on natural and Ayurvedic healing techniques for health and overall wellness. As a mental health practitioner, I appreciate AJ’s warmth, kindness and compassion and often use some of his episodes for topics for my therapy groups in which I assist patients in coping with symptoms of anxiety and depression. He offers a gentle and spiritual approach to issues we all struggle with and has also inspired me to practice more self love and take more risks in my personal and career life areas. Thanks AJ for all of your help and guidance :)

Inspiring, Uplifting and Impactful

Aditya is an awesome host, full of positivity and an open heart , natural for inspiring, uplifting many and creating a powerful impact via his podcast My Seven Chakras on body and mind. As a Guest speaker in one of the episodes with AJ I could see his passion towards healing people with profound compassion and wisdom .The wide-ranging topics are rooted in ancient energetic wisdom with everyday applications. Thank you for empowering everyone with tools and wisdom to change their lives !

Love AJ (and all the guests)

Hi AJ, just want to send some love your way and thank you for this gift. I have been listening for a few years now, and admit I usually skip the breath work episodes. This morning, my circumstances aligned such that I skipped my regular morning meditation and landed upon a recent episode with a breath work meditation. I tried it and feel great and relaxed now, will definitely do more! Thank you again AJ, much love to you and all your listeners! 💖 Jackie