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Love it!

I love this podcast! I discovered it a few months back and it has been a game changer. I listen to it pretty much every day when I’m walking or driving. I am so glad there are so many episodes so that I have a treasure chest to choose from. I’m almost through all of them and will sometimes listen to the same ones a few times. The format of this podcast has a consistent flow that my practical mind loves. Some episodes resonate with me more then others, but I learn something from each one. This podcast has been a great source of support for my beliefs in alternative medicine and energy.

Aditya is a phenomenal host. I feel like I know him personally. He has created a feeling of community and a sense of belonging to something bigger that I am happy to be a part of. I appreciate that he treats all his guests with the utmost respect, is present with them and listens so well. He has a remarkable way with recapping what guests have said that adds a lot to the program. And I also love when he contributes his tibits of wisdom along the way👍🏻😀 Thanks Aditia for all the work and effort you put in to making these podcasts. They do make a difference in my life and I am grateful to you!💫

Much Love,


March 28, 2017 by PAK101Canada on Apple Podcasts

Welcome to the official My Seven Chakras website