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I've been listening to My Seven Chakras for almost a year now. It started with a late night browsing in a period where I wasn't happy in my work, and very anxious about not finding a place I felt like I belong. The commute was just enough time to fit in a whole podcast episode.

Now a year later, I see this podcast and the presense Aditya provides as a huge role in getting a new job, finding my place, and living more holistically everyday.

Today as I'm cleaning and repainting my grandparents basement, the Feng Shui episode was the perfect clarification that this podcast can truely be enfused into your life for the better!

Can't imagine my digital space without this podcast, thank you for all your work!!

Feb. 15, 2017 by Nick / Bird Nerd on Apple Podcasts

Welcome to the official My Seven Chakras website