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AJ Seems to Know Me- & What I Am Thinking

AJ, I have been following you since the 52nd episode, I have faithfully listened since. But I was waiting for the right moment to write a review.

You are a genuine gem and someone I am so thankful for. Your path has greatly impacted my path.

Every episode speaks to me- some in obvious ways- and some episodes help me understand life in a way that fills me with wonder.

I choose to write a review now because I was just in a traumatic event and guess what your latest episode was about? Trauma. This is not the first time your episodes have paralleled my life. Also, I find it hilarious that you often ask the questions I am thinking.

Please keep going and do this work forever because you are changing lives!

July 4, 2017 by DragonflyCountry.com on Apple Podcasts

Welcome to the official My Seven Chakras website