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AJ (My Morning Cup of Joe) And so much more!

🦋I found AJ’s podcast last year in December. I immediately fell in love with his show.
🦋Being a burned out bodyworker who sold my business and literally walked away from it all, it was divine timing for me to find My Seven Chakras as I reconnect with my industry and new discover new mentors.
🦋I love AJ’s sunny disposition, unique perspective and gentle voice. I listen to many of the podcasts a few times and share them with my other tribes, family, friends and clients. And even have his site link on my website.
🦋Thank you for creating a podcast that Is literally my cup of ☕️ tea, my morning motivation and my companion when taking my morning hikes.
🦋 Ten 👍 Thumbs Up!

Aug. 1, 2019 by CynthiaS@sunrisespa on Apple Podcasts

Welcome to the official My Seven Chakras website