Feb. 15, 2021

New To Breathwork? Listen To This In-depth Guide About The Ancient Practice Of Breathing

On this edition of My Seven Chakras, I chat with fellow Breathwork instructor and friend David Florence...

Bio: Since the end of 2017 and following a 'Wake Up Call', Dave has researched and experimented with a variety of natural methods and practices that have upgraded his life in many ways.

From Breath-work to Yoga, Intermittent Fasting to Intermittent Hypoxia as well as new practices such as HIIPA (High Intensity Incidental Physical Activity) and not forgetting Cold Therapy via the Wim Hof Method.

Through a variety of channels and courses, Dave shares his experience, knowledge and practices to those that follow him. As he evolves, so do you!

We reflect on each of our Breathwork journeys and share some useful advice for people beginning their journey of breathing...

Some of the questions we explore include:

  • Biggest mistakes made when getting started with Breathwork..
  • Our favorite Breathwork techniques...
  • How we've benefited from our Breathwork practice...
  • Some of the biggest benefits of Breathwork...
  • Closing thoughts

To learn more about David visit https://www.daveflorence.com

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