June 7, 2021

Mastering Breathwork For Success, Health And Peace Of Mind (Throwback Episode) with Dan Brulé

This is a throwback episode to a powerful session I released way back on April 13th 2016. It's been 5 years since!


It felt very weird listening to my voice in this episode because I've evolved as an interviewer and communicator since then. Since many of you have been listening to this show from the very beginning, its an opportunity to look back and feel grateful for how far we've come...


This is also a special episode because in this episode, Dan Brule – introduced me to so many different concepts, ideas and stories about breathwork – that sort of laid the seed for my career as a breathwork instructor.


I hope you enjoy this episode and thank you so much for coming on this ride with me! 


To learn more about Dan Brule visit https://breathmastery.com/


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