Aug. 5, 2020

Longevity Secrets Of The Himalayan Yogis With Aditya Jaykumar Iyer

Longevity Secrets Of The Himalayan Yogis With Aditya Jaykumar Iyer

If you are on the path of spirituality, you’ve probably come across the book called Autobiography or a Yogi (and other Yogic books) that talk about these mystical Himalayan yogis that would live for 100-120-130 years or even beyond that…


What are their secrets?


How are they able to live till such an old age?


More important, how are they able to retain their youthful glow, vigor and energy even at such old ages?


Are all those stories just myths and rumors or is there some truth to what they’re saying?


Today I’m going to attempt to tell you atleast one secret that might be the key to living longer.


And I’m going to also tell you how YOU can apply these secrets into your life to a longer, happier and fulfilled life!


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