Nov. 22, 2021

Ancient Chinese Breathwork Techniques To Reverse Aging with Bob and Fran

“If you focus that Qi, if you pinpoint that energy into a certain spot of your body, sometimes it is wonderous how the pain can dissipate and your energy level can be raised, and at the same time, it has this magic duality of lowering stress levels!. --- Bob and Fran” 

Introduction: In this episode of @mysevencharas, host and founder AJ and Healthy-Lifestyle Coaches, Authors, Speakers, and Qigong Master Instructors, Bob and Fran explore some really useful topics such as healthy aging, how to feel younger than you are, breathwork & qigong and why it's never too later to make a change in your life...


Bob and Fran German are both in their 80's and feeling Better Than Ever! This dynamic couple is all about healthy aging and has inspiring stories to share.

Bob and Fran tell how switching to a healthy lifestyle, including a daily Qigong practice, literally saved their lives! They both overcame devastating life-threatening illnesses. Bob beat kidney cancer and Fran conquered Myasthenia Gravis … a rare "incurable" neuro-muscular autoimmune disease.

Bob and Fran are authors, mentors and among the oldest-newest YouTubers ever!

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